Research and development

The Haahtela-kehitys Oy development company and Haahtela HR Oy are research and development organisations which aim to create the necessary foundations, methods and applicable data material for carrying out the practical tasks related to strategic premise planning, real estate and construction economy and human resources. The results of development work have been productised as software programmes, which customers use either through traditional user licenses or as software as a service (SaaS).

Development work includes both basic and applied research. The scientific bases of research operations have been published as theses, articles at scientific conferences and in review publications. Since 2002, the development company has been involved in close academic cooperation, including researcher exchange, with Berkeley and Stanford Universities in the USA.

Development operations focus on problems, and many development impulses are born out of practical needs and defects that have occurred. The Cybernetic way of thinking is applied to problem solving, which involves mathematical models being combined with empirical, usually random observations. Expertise and innovativeness are characteristic of creative problem solving. The company’s programming unit enables the creation of new, user-friendly IT solutions. With the help of training operations, users learn to use the various pieces of software and to understand the philosophy behind them.

Thanks to the operational culture, which is based upon the company’s own research and development work, the development company is often publicly described as a company which carves its own path, and whose customers not only use the results of the products, but also change their own operational methods in order to improve the quality and control of their operations.

In 1999, the European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation (an EU organisation) published a review on European companies in the construction industry whose product development operations have been of exceptional value to both the industry as a whole and the company itself. The Haahtela-kehitys Oy development company was one of these seventeen European companies (Innovation in the Construction Sector, Professor Brian Atkin, London 1999).

Created standards and terms

As a result of development operations, many new terms and operational and data models were created and have since become standards within the real estate and construction industry, such as:

  • Tavoitehintamenettely (normal price policy) and Rakennusosa-arvio 1980 (TAKU® building share evaluation).
  • Haahtela tarjoushintaindeksi (tender price index) 1983 and Haahtela tuoteindeksi (TAKU® product index) 1998
  • Haahtela Model 1993 (Rakennuttamistieto, construction data)
  • Uudishinta, Nykyhinta and Korjausvastuu (New construction, current prices and repair liabilities) 1996 (Kiinteistötieto, Real Estate Data)
  • Haahtela WorkPlacePlanning 1998 (WOP®)
  • Haahtela volume index 1998 (Volume index by Statistics Finland).
  • Haahtela classifications 1998 (Publication Talo (house) 2000 classification)
  • Haahtela contract 2000 (Rakennuttamistieto, construction data)
  • Rakennuksen hinnan arviointi (Building valuation) 2002 (publication by Central Union of insurance companies)

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