Service developed for users and co-owners of premises

WOP® workplace planning is a service package developed by Haahtela for users and co-owners of premises. We help organisations gain a comprehensive overview of the space requirements that support their strategy, identify options for implementing those requirements and their cost impacts, and projectise the necessary measures. By integrating project management into the service package, we also take responsibility for implementing such projects.

  • Benefits of the Haahtela WOP® workplace planning service
    • Supports the business objectives of organizations
    • Achieves reduced facility expenses
    • Helps in implementing changes
    • Promotes the establishment of a new operating culture
    • Promotes staff engagement and well-being

Value as a target

The WOP® workplace planning process involves reviewing space requirements in relation to the strategic objectives of an organisation and the associated implementation procedures. Our approach is based on modelling functions and activities to enable simultaneous evaluation of space requirements and the associated costs together with functional value.

Perceptions of value and constraints are not always shared. Our WOP® workplace planning process is transparent. The optimal solution is the one the entire organisation can commit to while maximising the value created.

A background in research

The WOP® workplace planning model is based on the research and development work of the Haahtela companies, from which scientific articles and academic dissertations have been published. The method makes extensive use of internationally unique Haahtela software that has become established in the field of real estate and construction economics.

WOP® workplace planning unifies the function, use and costs of a building in ways that are not available via other services. The method has been academically peer-reviewed and is considered unique in the international literature.


years of experience




More than a hundred success stories

WOP® workplace planning is suitable for a wide range of properties and cases in all industries. The model has been successfully applied in designing more than one hundred commercial premises strategies and new-build and conversion projects in such fields as education, healthcare, culture and commerce.


Premises strategy for industrial disciplines at a vocational college


Regional premises strategy for a public authority


Premises strategy for art colleges


Premises strategy for a vocational college


Educational service network plan


Project charter for a university of applied sciences


Siting options for an office user

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