Our success is based on extensive research and development

With more than 10 per cent of its consolidated turnover dedicated to research work, Haahtela is an exception to the general lack of interest in research that traditionally characterises the construction industry. Indeed, the history of the company began with the research work of professor Yrjänä Haahtela, whose 1980 licentiate thesis “Talonrakennushankkeiden normaalihintamenettely” (Target costing methodology for building projects) may be regarded as the starting point of the entire undertaking.

Two organisations are responsible for research work at Haahtela. Haahtela-kehitys Oy produces methodologies and software to relating to real estate and construction economics, whereas Planier Oy does the same for human resources administration. We have managed to transform our scientific research work into practical IT applications and efficient services.

Our mission is to produce valuable information

The research work of professor Haahtela established theoretical foundations for determining the final investment cost of a building construction project even before the initial design stage. This concept of producing valuable information ahead of time has been fruitful in practice. Feedback obtained in the early stages enables the customer to plan investments before spending on the project.

We are nowadays able to create an all-inclusive information model of a building with quantities and prices for building elements and maintenance tasks based on the requirements of the customer, even before undertaking any actual design work. Having our information model communicating with the information models produced by designers and engineers during the design stage, enables us to efficiently manage and steer the project.

At a very early stage our customers can:

  • consider their own value proposition in relation to the functional service capacity and life-cycle costs of a building
  • modify and enhance building functionality before design work begins
  • manage functionality and costs, even at the draft design stage
  • manage costs for on-site work
Haahtelan tutkimus-ja-kehitys

”One of the keys to target value design (TVD) is integrating function, use, and cost of a building from an owner’s perspective. Haahtela has developed a different approach that anyone else we know. It’s based on years of experience as cost consultants and discipline work to integrate the right information.”

Professor Martin Fischer, Stanford University Integrating Project Delivery, Martin Fischer, Howard W. Ashcraft, Atul Khanzode, Dean Reed, Jon Wiley & Sons 2017

Research work has attracted wide international interest

Our research work has garnered international recognition. Since 2012, Haahtela experts have lectured at highly esteemed international universities, such as Stanford, UC Berkeley and MIT. We have been associated with some twenty international journal and conference publications, and with dozens of academic theses in Finland.

We have also won awards for our research work. Professor Yrjänä Haahtela received the Rakeva award of the Building Information Foundation in 2017 and adjunct professor Ari Pennanen received the Oskari Vilamo fund doctoral dissertation prize of the Foundation for Economic Education in 2005.

Standards and concepts created by Haahtela

  • Tavoitehintamenettely™ (procedures for making target cost estimates) and Rakennusosa-arvio® (procedures for making building element estimates), 1980.
  • HAAHTELA-tarjoushintaindeksi™ (tender price index), 1983.
  • HAAHTELA-malli™ (Haahtela Method for construction project management) 1993.
  • Uudishinta, Nykyhinta ja Korjausvastuu (new-build price, present-day price and renovation and repair burden), 1996.
  • Rakennuksen hinnan arviointi (valuation of buildings, publication of the Federation of Finnish Insurance Companies).
  • HAAHTELA Workplace Planning (doctoral thesis), 1998.
  • HAAHTELA-volyymi-indeksi™ (building volume index for Statistics Finland), 1998.
  • HAAHTELA-tuoteindeksi™ (product index), 1998.
  • HAAHTELA-nimikkeistöt™ (classifications for building elements and construction work, a decision was taken in 2002 to implement these nationally in Finland as Talo 2000 construction classifications), 1998.
  • HAAHTELA-sopimus™ (contract), 2000.