Haahtela is a major developer of commercial software for real estate and construction economics as well as for human resources administration (www.haahtela.fi/contactor) All our software solutions are designed to be user-friendly, and we also provide the possibility of user training to our customers.

Software for real estate and construction economics

A firm grasp of currently managed assets is the cornerstone of all real estate management.

All real estate management functions are associated with the assets that are being managed, such as sites and buildings, but information related to real estate is often decentralised and hard to find. Our Real Estate and Inventory Register provides a single database for managing all land areas, buildings, premises and inventories. The register is ideal both for small property owners and for major national asset managers managing the diverse holdings of multiple organisations. Use of the software solution results in real estate assets being managed in a consistent organized way.

The TAKU® Cost Estimation software is a tool designed for estimating budgets for construction projects. The software may also be used for steering the design and engineering of construction projects towards economically feasible solutions. In addition, the software may also be used to valuate or estimate the fair value of buildings.

The software contains the tools and procedures for making target cost estimates (Tavoitehintamenettely), which can be made during the early phases of a project, for example when conducting requirements studies or during the programming phase. The target cost feature enables the estimation of budgets for new-build and renovation projects as well as the estimation of operation and maintenance (O&M) costs for new projects as well as existing buildings. It is also possible to estimate the new-build and present-day price of an existing or damaged building including renovation and repair burden.

The software also includes the tools and procedures for making building element estimates (Rakennusosa-arviomenettely) for both new-build and renovation projects. The feature allows for the economic feasibility of designs to be measured and evaluated, using everything from early drafts to drawings intended for construction.

The Real Estate Information Management software is a tool for target-based real estate management.

The present-day price together with renovation and repair burden form the basis of a building’s investment and maintenance programs. Diverse functions for calculating and managing internal and external leases ensure both forecasting and invoicing of revenues from customers. These features combined with a graphical space management interface provides the possibility of boosting the space utilization rate in buildings.

With the ability to combine economic forecasts with up-to-date actual data provides a real time picture of the financial state of real estate.

Haahtela® PRIS™ is a software solution for real-time management and storage of designs and documentation for construction projects, small or large, as well as existing properties. The software also works as a distribution and communication channel between participants in a project, and especially for site management in construction projects.

PRIS™ provides a database for existing properties that collates current plans and documents in a single location. This facilitates information transfers from properties to construction projects and back again on completing the project.

The documentation of a construction project, including designs, worksite journals and TR measurement results, must be available to project participants in a form that can be processed and shared in real time. This software enables users to access, inspect, approve and print such documentation. It can also be used for preparing and receiving electronic calls for tender, and for drafting electronic contract folders. A separate application is available for managing small projects.

PRIS™ is also seamlessly integrated into the Real Estate Information Management (Kiinteistötieto™), Project and Contract Management (Rakennuttamistieto™) and RES™ solutions.

RES™ is an enterprise resource planning software tool for maintenance operations that enables systematic management of property maintenance.

A maintenance plan ensures the timely execution of maintenance tasks, and a maintenance calendar serves as a centralised communication channel for individual properties and for an entire property portfolio. Help Desk manages malfunction reports and service requests from users. Using summaries and reviews the state and progress of a property’s maintenance quality can be monitored and compared to set out targets.

The Project and Contract Management software is a management tool for construction projects. The software keeps all the project management documentation and procedures which accumulates throughout a project’s lifetime, in a single structured location, from the initial requirements studies to the warranty period.

The software includes more than 4,000 pro-forma documents for use in various circumstances and for diverse purposes. These regularly updated documents cover various types of procurements and contracts, together with quality control, occupational health and safety, meetings, inspections, surveys, and planning of projects and work assignments.

The software also incorporates all the key methodologies of project management. System features include cost follow-ups, inspection of client liability information in subcontracting, notification of contract details to tax authorities, timetable creation, and implementation of procurements. The Project and Contract Management software is integrated into the PRIS™ (project document management) solution.