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Manage what matters: real estate, work environments, construction projects and the cost of space. Our methods foster a systematic approach and predictability.

Software solutions

Haahtela software enhances productivity and job satisfaction.

The HAAHTELA Method (HAAHTELA-malli™) involves developing real estate and construction economics applications based on proprietary research. All of our software solutions are designed to be user-friendly, with Haahtela also providing support training in their use as necessary.

  • Haahtela software solutions
    • Real Estate Information Management (Kiinteistötieto™)
    • Real Estate and Inventory Register (Kohde- ja esinerekisteri™)
    • TAKU® Cost Estimation (Kustannustieto TAKU®)
    • PRIS™
    • RES™
    • Project and Contract Management (Rakennuttamistieto™)
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WOP® workplace planning service

A unique operating approach for superior working environments

WOP® workplace planning is a service package developed by Haahtela for users and co-owners of premises. We help organisations gain a comprehensive idea of the space requirements that support their strategy, identifying various implementation options and their cost impacts.

  • Benefits of the Haahtela WOP® workplace planning service
    • Supports the business objectives of organisations
    • Achieves reduced facility expenses
    • Helps in implementing changes
    • Promotes the establishment of a new operating culture
    • Promotes staff engagement and well-being
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Education and training

Sharpen your skills on our courses.

Haahtelan koulutukset

The range of Haahtela courses is very broad, and we can also customise our course content to meet your individual requirements. Contact us.

Research and development

We produce valuable information that benefits the entire life cycle of a property.

From research to innovation
From innovation to products

There is no longstanding tradition of research in the construction industry, but Haahtela is an exception with more than 20 per cent of group turnover invested in research. The company began with the research work of professor Yrjänä Haahtela, whose 1980 licentiate thesis “Talonrakennushankkeiden normaalihintamenettely” (Target costing methodology for building projects) may be regarded as the starting point of our entire journey.

Two organisations are responsible for research work at Haahtela. Haahtela-kehitys Oy produces methodologies and software to relating to real estate and construction economics, whereas Haahtela HR Oy does the same for human resources administration. We have successfully transformed our scientific research work into practical IT applications and efficient services.

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