Project management

Haahtela-rakennuttaminen Oy is a project management company that leads the construction of buildings and premises for its customers.

Its operations are task and customer-oriented, and its business sector is extensive: ranging from strategic planning to management of the service life of the premises environment. The operative and qualitative management of projects as well as aspects concerning their schedules and financing require the ability to understand the customer’s goals, the ability to control of many different planning and construction sectors, and the skills and tools necessary to manage a construction project.

The Haahtela Model is a method of creating buildings and spaces, starting from functional space planning and resulting in a finished building, including monitoring for the building’s entire service life. Project Managers are in charge of the projects from programming to taking the completed building into use. Projects are managed customer-specifically so that the best possible value can be achieved with the resources available.

A central part of the Haahtela Model is the project management service for the construction phase, during which a consultant acts as the customer’s representative and manages both planning and construction. This has required a rethinking of the entire operational process and years of development. The staff taking part in the project have also adapted to the new method, as the project organisation now includes, in addition to the project managers, heads of the sites, responsible foremen, site supervisors, schedule planners, cost accountants and quantity surveyors. Using the most suitable implementation method for challenging new construction and repair projects, construction work is divided into assignment and profession-specific sections, and work is also contracted out in several parts. The Haahtela Model project management service includes worksite management, coordination and supervision of the contract work sections, as well as main implementer duties. The tens of projects carried out during the last twenty years have proved that combining planning and site management tasks has provided significantly more successful results in terms of quality, time and finance, than more traditional implementation methods.

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