HAAHTELA Tender Price Index

The HAAHTELA Tender Price Index (HAAHTELA-tarjoushintaindeksi™) is a variable-weighted and priced index for building construction that describes the development of tender prices in various index regions. This index is used in the TAKU cost estimation software for estimating new construction, renovation, maintenance and present-day prices. The six index regions range from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to districts with low construction costs.

HAAHTELA Tender Price Index 2019

Market overview (bulletin 2/2019)

Economic growth is slowing down and there are numerous threat scenarios, including rising protectionism, uncertainties over Brexit, political instability in the remaining Member States of the European Union, and indebtedness of countries, corporations and individuals. The central banks have managed to maintain low interest rates, with experts revising their growth forecasts for Finnish GDP downwards to between 1 and 1.5 per cent in 2019 and 2020.

Inflation has remained low in Finland and throughout Europe. The cost of housing has continued to outpace the rate of inflation in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and centres of growth. The number of transactions indicating the volume of property sales was about 35 per cent smaller at the start of the year than in the preceding year.